New 3D Resin Printer and Working on sensor

New 3D Resin Printer and Working on sensor

Hi Folks. 

Brought a AnyCubic Photon S..

Very happy with the result here. Background..I am looking at ways to create a mask that can pickup the wearer's facial movement.. And these can be replayed on to a animatronic mask. For example - someone wearing werewolf mask can snarl, raise eyebrows, frown - and this is picked up and replayed via servo's, in real time, to the animatronic head.EMG will not work - Sweat will invalidate the consistent readings due to conductivity.

This is my final design.. a small light weight linear sensor that will not react to sweat or moisture. The output is a simple analogue signal. Also most importantly - it needs to operate on the power of an eyebrow movement or other facial muscle twitch.Now I have a resin printer I can print the parts an know they will be glass like smooth to stop friction. What you see here are 3 x 3D printed shells. The graph paper is 1cm x 1cm for scale. The PCB contains a QRE1113 sensor that has an IR light source and a Photo transistor. This board fits beneath the shell with the sensor showing through the hole. The graduated laminated paper with the armature wire fits.. face down.. in to the shell channel. A soft pad to hold it against the sensor yet still enable it to move freely will be applied on top.The shell is fixed to a fixed spot above the eyebrow. The armature is glued to the eyebrow using an safe actors glue. As the eyebrow moved up and down it will push the laminated paper over the QRE1113. The changes in reflectivity will cause the output voltage to changed and read by an Arduino or other. The accuracy is very good.Enjoy

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