Gallery of Creations

These are some of the custom creations and repairs that I have done for various customers.  Please contact me to discuss your own unique application.

Very unique costume required a custom cooling solution. Using a shop vac hose I embedded a fan in the wider end. This can now be installed so that fan is not close to head of costume but still give breeze. Send complete with battery, charger, and fan speed controller. Customer very happy.

Customer suit had Solid Nose (no nostrils) and required fan. Removed nose and scalloped edges and then tunneled through foam to internal cavity. Fan and nose can now slide out for maintenance/head cleaning. Costume appearance was not affected. Very happy Customer

LED's embedded in resin eyes. Resin had discolored from blue to yellow (top right). Carefully drilled out old LEDs and replaced. Also added blink and flash controller.

A ByCatsForCats suit with damaged EL wire eye highlights. Replaced with LED driven Light Pipe. Also added blink, fade, and flash controller