About the Creator

Marcwolf a.k.a. David Boccabella is a Brisbane AU fur who has been in the fandom from before there was a fandom.

He made his first suit back in 2005 and has been constantly reworking it since.

Being a keen inventor and with a variety of skills too numerous to list here, he uses his talents to make items and custom creations for other suiters, cosplayers, or just for fun.

His creations have been used at several conventions for the benefit of other patrons i.e. Multi fursuit dryers for the Headless Lounge, and Furst-Aide being a hand-held powerful fan for handlers to carry.

His long term goal is to create a wearable undermask that can pick up his facial expressions and then mimic them a fursuit head.

He has been acknowledged in several publications on special effects
 Adafruit  - Animated electronic eyes using Teensy-3-1

Steve Koci - The Ultimate Guide To Do It Yourself Animatronics

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